21st century realization of the C65: Complete 8-bit computer running around 40x faster than a C64 while being highly compatible. C65 design, mechanical keyboard, HD output, dual SD cards support, Ethernet, extended memory and more features increase the fun without spoiling the 8-bit feel.

Developer friendly

completely open-source: Unlike any other computer you can see, modify, and improve it

Retro Compatible

designed to offer both C64 and C65 compatibility and highly compatible while introducing fantastic new features

Sparks creativity

supports creativity with easy-to-learn programming languages and tools - become an artist or programmer within a day

Game on

can play several thousands of retro games right out of the box and will entertain you for years

Real computer

not an emulator but a real 8-bit computer with real gun-racing video chip and internal floppy drive

Feature rich

MEGA-OS hypervisor and BASIC 65 including freezer, VFAT32 file system, 4 SIDS, GEOS 65 and more (click for details)

hot on file host

community videos

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meet the makers

"In 2014 the father of the MEGA65 Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen from Australia began creating a C64 accelerator aiming to be C65 compatible but should do more. I was looking for a new challenging project for our museum. Few months later Paul joined MEGA Museum of Electronic Games & Art and we decided to build a real 8-bit computer." (Detlef 'deft' Hastik)

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